Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Who dropped the ball?

Alpha residents have been following the story of the Pocquat family’s insurance problem. Maura Pocquat’s 13-year-old daughter was injured at softball practice while playing first base for the Alpha Colts on June 2, as she was trying to catch a ball from the pitcher. She suffered a shattered nose and had surgery on June 14.

Alpha Borough is supposed to have supplemental personal injury insurance, but someone forgot to renew the insurance. Maura Pocquat said Alpha officials admitted that someone dropped the ball on the insurance and that she witnessed finger pointing over the issue.

More recently, Alpha has been discussing why the supplemental personal injury insurance was not renewed. Speculations lead to one shared concern – was the new auditing firm to blame??
Alpha Borough council hired auditing firm, Suplee, Clooney & Co. this year. The firm replaced Tom Ferry, of Ferraioli, Wielkotz, Cerullo & Cuva, which served Alpha close to 20 years.

Councilman Chris Pfefferle pushed for this change, claiming he wanted a new set of eyes to examine Alpha's budget and practices.

Councilmen Michael Savary and Craig Dunwell joined Pfefferle in voting for Suplee, Clooney & Co.
Council President Robert Gara, Councilman Alex Zikas and Councilwoman Klara Tarsi opposed the resolution.

"Tom Ferry always did an excellent job, but there's some new faces on council and there's some change…" – Alpha's Honorable Mayor, Ed Hanics.

Councilman Craig Dunwell, (Councilmen Pfefferle and Savary’s close buddy) recently suggested that Harry Zikas was somehow to blame for the fiasco, which is laughable. Dunwell is known to point blame at the Zikas brothers, as Dunwell is clearly intimidated by their professional leadership skills, and their ability to represent Alpha’s best interests.

What do you think, Alpha? Pfefferle, Savary and Dunwell continue to let Alpha down. Don’t we deserve better?