Thursday, April 11, 2013

Craig Dunwell does not represent Alpha's best interests and is a danger to our residents

It is a well-known fact that crooked councilman Craig Stanley Dunwell despises Alpha's fire department because he was told to stop hanging around the firehouse while he was running for mayor against Alpha's honorable and beloved mayor, Ed Hanics.

Alpha has been very concerned about its need for a new firetruck.

The Express Times:

Comments made on are usually deleted...

Craig Dunwell's aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, uses her "Jardinami" account (along with others) to support Dunwell by flagging any comments made by Alpha residents for the third party moderator to delete. Hoffman and Dunwell use various accounts to attack and harass anyone commenting on stories about Alpha.

Hoffman does not live in Alpha and claims she has not lived here since 1997.

Here is Save Alpha's comment on the fire truck issue: 

Craig Dunwell is a danger to Alpha and should not be re-elected in November.
On 4/9/13 Craig S. Dunwell drove his Saturn on the wrong side of the road and then pulled up onto his neighbors' lawn in order to get a better view of their baby's medical emergency, hindering EMTs.
Councilman Craig S. Dunwell constantly endangers Alpha residents. Vote against him this November, we deserve better!