Friday, April 19, 2013

The Flipside of Alpha councilman Mike Savary's 2012 campaign letter

Friends of councilman Craig Dunwell claim he no longer wants any association with his long-time friend, councilman Mike Savary.

Dunwell is up for re-election in November and friends say he can't risk losing votes due to pending investigations regarding Savary's fraud, embezzlement and littering. 

Does Craig Dunwell intend to throw Mike Savary under the bus? Dunwell has a history of using friends then lashing out at them once he no longer needs their assistance.

The flip side of Mike Savary's 2012 campaign letter reads: "Help us continue the progress by voting for Mike Savary." 
Signed by Craig Dunwell, Chris Pfefferle and Carol Schwar.
Paid for by Mike Savary.