Thursday, November 03, 2011

Professional Leadership?

Councilman Craig Dunwell is running for mayor of Alpha, NJ on the Republican ticket. The Republican party has chosen not to back him. Dunwell has paid for his own campaign signage. His signs boast of Professional Leadership. However, Dunwell has only been on town council since January 2011 and he says he is currently unemployed.

Dunwell's last known job was as a limo driver for what residents describe as "a sketchy local business". In further researching previous employers, we found that Craig Dunwell once worked as a director for an investment, consulting and market research group called PCG, located in Ukraine:

Craig Dunwell still hands out his old business card from Stevens Car Care Products, Inc., a manufacturer of detailing chemicals and rust deterrent for vehicles:

Councilman Craig Dunwell lives in his mother's home, is said to be unable to keep steady work, and is currently "living off the meager income of his wife, who is employed by Lowe's", per friends.

Alpha demands to know - in what way does Dunwell represent Professional Leadership?!