Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Want to be a writer for Save Alpha? (¸.•`¤ ☆

Save Alpha is looking for writers! As an admin will need a cell phone capable of sending and receiving text messages and photos. You must be available to make online posts, as events are happening. Some posts require the use of a computer.

You will be responsible for receiving text messages and photos to post on Save Alpha websites. You may choose to work on all sites, or select just one or a few. Sites include Blogger, Twitter and Facebook. If you would like you may copy and paste posts directly from text, or you may use your own words to describe events.

Our writers are free to offer their services as time allows. Perhaps you can only help out on weekends or during a holiday from your job. It doesn't matter, any help at all is always appreciated. But when you are "on duty" you must be available to post online.

Admins may be required to make phone calls, do research, send letters and emails, and use their own assessment skills in deciding which events are newsworthy and which are not. For example, you may receive requests from various sources to post information online that is not within Save Alpha's usual topic range. It will be up to you to decide what news best represents Save Alpha's interests and whether the topic will be helpful information for voters. Warning - you will receive requests to post information that Save Alpha should not make public. There may be hurt feelings involved when you refuse to post what someone provides. We will need you to do your own research and choose only the topics which are important and useful to voters.

Still interested? Contact us for details!
Together we will continue to protect our little town from self serving lunatics like as Craig Dunwell and his friends.
Thanks, Alpha!