Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crooked Councilman Craig Dunwell's Yes Men Team

Alpha's petty tyrant, Craig S. Dunwell

Dunwell in street screaming about his plan to file a false report against the Crouse family's dog
Dunwell taking photos of the Crouse family's property
Dunwell in street taking photos of the Crouse family's home
Craig S. Dunwell's buddy, Councilman Mike Savary
Councilman Mike Savary is best known for stealing pizza and curbs
Dunwell and Savary standing next to the branches Dunwell illegally chopped from the Crouse family's hedges so he can stare at the children Heidi Crouse babysits
Savary helping Dunwell cover up his crimes after Dunwell sprayed weed killer on the Crouse family's hedges. Dunwell was caught and sprayed his own (mom's) lawn too, leaving brown, dead grass as evidence. Savary quickly delivered mulch to cover the dead grass. Alpha residents wonder if the mulch was stolen as some was missing at the time
Savary visits Dunwell several times each week, usually for many hours
Savary often has trouble parking and driving. Neighbors assume Savary is usually drunk, like Dunwell
Craig S. Dunwell's mouthpiece, Councilman Chris Pfefferle
Chris Pfefferle was caught lying about his intent when ending Alpha's police contract with Pohatcong Township, the same police department Dunwell despises
Craig S. Dunwell's crazy buddy, Lou Cartabona
Lou Cartabona stealing scrap metal from a yard which he trespassed on before the recycling street pickup crew could collect the metal left for Alpha's profit
Craig S. Dunwell's own personal "reporter", (Chicken Reporter) David Foster
Foster and Dunwell plotting to create a false news story after Dunwell plants 3 roosters on the Crouse family property and trespasses to feed them tomatoes in order to keep them there
Dunwell and Foster's Roostergate
Foster quickly deleted the comment made by a Save Alpha admin - GUILTY