Monday, November 12, 2012

Craig Dunwell continues to harass his neighbors during NJ VS Dunwell

On 11/12/12 at 3:30 PM, Councilman Craig Dunwell drove his neighbor's home and sat at his mailbox, apparently looking for something.
 A window was open at the home while Craig Dunwell was sitting at the mailbox. Was Dunwell looking in the window? Was he looking in the mailbox? Why was he there?
A police report was filed against Dunwell early this evening. Dunwell recently trespassed at the same residence and was given warning by the Pohatcong Township Police not to do it again or he would be arrested.

"On 9/27/12 crooked Councilman Craig Dunwell trespassed on his neighbors' property to litter. He appeared and sounded drunk and attempted to touch (an) Alpha resident...while Councilman Mike Savary watched.
A Pohatcong Township Police Officer arrived to question Dunwell, warning him that the next time he trespasses and/or litters he will be arrested. Mike Savary angrily cussed at the officer."

Dunwell's neighbor ran for Alpha town council this year. He maintained a clean campaign, focusing on why he was running for council and what he intended to achieve if elected. In addition, the neighbor (who works full time and also many evenings and weekends) purposefully limited his door to door and phone campaign efforts in order to show respect to Alpha residents during the power outages and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The storm devastated our area and damaged much of New Jersey, leaving many without power, food or gasoline.  
Craig Dunwell (who claims to be unemployed and seems unconcerned with the struggles of local residents) distributed a harassing and threatening campaign letter against his neighbor. The letter focused on his neighbor's wife, making false claims against her because she is a witness in NJ VS Dunwell and has provided photo evidence against Craig Dunwell on numerous occasions. The neighbor's wife did not run for town council and is not a politician or public figure.
Craig Dunwell included police reports in his campaign letter. The police reports were from 2006 and the information which Dunwell claimed to have taken from the reports was not accurate.
Dunwell chose not to share the reports in their entirety because the reports describe an ongoing issue involving  Dunwell's close friend, Jerry Paetzell. Paetzell was caught trespassing at the neighbor's residence on numerous occasions, beginning 3 months after the  family moved to Seventh Avenue. According to local officials, the Paetzells have harassed previous residents at the address as well, claiming to have had issue with where vehicles were parked. The Paetzells live two doors down and have no business being near the residence. In addition they are unaffected by vehicles parked at the home.
On 10/2/12, Save Alpha shared the following photo of Jerry Paetzell speaking with Craig Dunwell:
Their conversation was loud and had been heard by Heidi Crouse and Karissia Crouse, and their company. Paetzell asked Dunwell for additional assistance in keeping unpaid town utilities in service for his residence, without having to attend a council meeting to follow proper procedure for the request. Dunwell agreed to assist his close friend and then demanded a 6 pack of beer for any additional, unethical services.
The NJ VS Dunwell trial continues. We will keep Alpha up to date on the events.
Thank you for your support.