Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Who remains on the Alpha Republican Committee?

Alpha, NJ's town council is about to be short one member. A Republican will be voted in by council. The Republicans will be selected by The Alpha Republican Committee.
The Committee's members are listed as Chris Pfefferle, Teresa Trigas Pfefferle, Lou Cartabona and Jacqueline Wistuk.
Lou Cartabona is a very close friend of Craig Dunwell's. Jacqueline Wistuk and her husband, Brian, were friends of Dunwell's and recently moved from their home in August. The house is now rented to their son and his partner. Chris Pfefferle is also a close friend of Craig Dunwell's and announced his move from Alpha. It is believed that he moved weeks ago. His previous home will be rented as well.
Will the Alpha Republican Committee allow members to participate once they no longer reside in Alpha, NJ?