Friday, August 30, 2013

Why did Lou Cartabona lie? Is he protecting Craig Dunwell's Water Legacy?'s event calendar didn't show any council meetings for August after the last one, held on 8/13/13. Residents were sure there wouldn't be any additional meetings.

On 8/27/13 at 4:10 PM, posted an article stating that Alpha Borough Council scheduled a special meeting for Friday, Aug. 31, at 6:00 p.m. to vote on utility resolutions that were previously defeated.

On the evening of 8/26/13, Alpha councilman Lou Cartabona had told a resident that council "only scheduled the meeting to pay some bills and address two invoices from the engineer that were held from the last meeting."

The meeting agenda listed on lists the following Resolutions:

Residents are asking why Lou Cartabona lied.

Save Alpha believes that corrupt council members are attempting to keep Alpha in the dark.

Facebook post and comments regarding the 8/13/13 council meeting and resolutions that died.

AlphaNJLIVE tweets regarding Craig Dunwell's expensive projects, which residents are opposed to.

Craig Dunwell's Water Legacy

Concerned resident: "Dunwell is just taking the credit for Klara Tarsi's work. Klara wanted to do these improvements and Dunwell shot it down and said it was to expensive. Then Dunwell becomes director of public works and starts pushing for all these projects after changing our towns engineering firm. Now he wants to pave streets, install sidewalks and replace practically the entire water utility. Why? When Klara wanted to update and replace our water treatment equipment Dunwell said it was to costly. Then Dunwell got an estimate for a lower cost but he's still 2 plus years later working on the treatment plant and hasn't even gotten close to finishing it and we bet it's cost as much or more than Klara Tarsi's estimate 2 + years ago. The town hasn't even gotten a contractor to do some of the plumbing at the treatment plant. The water mains are a big deal. The DEP will fine our town if the pipes weren't replaced. The water pressure down at the Williams Street end of town was low. The pipes were 75 years old and iron pipes don't last forever. The pipes leak and those leaks can introduce bacteria into the water supply. We feel when Dunwell campaigns he will tell everybody in town how he's doing things for Alpha and did it without a tax increase. The problem is these repairs are being done on credit and when bills start rolling in next year and for years to come there will be less money for other capital repairs and improvement and that will mean a tax increase to fix things and for emergencies we cannot for see. Harry Zikas and Lou Cartabona killed two resolutions last council meeting for more engineering services because costs are getting to high for all these repairs and improvements. Not that Alpha doesn't need repairs to it's aging infrastructure. Alpha just wants the repairs and improvement done responsibly so our taxes remain affordable and not to stroke the egos of councilmen with there own agenda."

Save Alpha warns residents that Craig Dunwell wants his pricey and controversial projects completed.

Do not re-elect Craig Dunwell this November - He won't be paying future tax increases to cover his pet projects but YOU will! We deserve better, Alpha.